The Drug Rugs

Freaky, sparkly, and pop-y.

Freaky, sparkly, and pop-y. Grooves to make you sway.

The Drug Rugs in one word are bubbly. In one sentence they are a jangly, indie-rock band from Halifax with lyrics worthy of being on a t-shirt. Recalling and reinventing sounds from bands like the Smiths, Prince, The Strokes, St. Vincent, and Iggy Pop, the Drug Rugs own a sound that is modern and unmistakably their own.

“Will you be my PET? Can I be your PET?” With a consistently tight and freaky live sound, front women Laura Kempton will mesmerize you, while guitar-players Marcus Tracey and Emma LeBlanc weave in and out of your subconscious mind. Synth-y riffs and guitar pedals to the max – yet intimate and accessible. The sounds in treble-land float assertively over the grooves of drums and bass.

Named after the hippie Baja hoodie; this band formed in 2015 with the goal of creating pop-y and psychedelia-infused rock. Current and former music students, they draw from an arsenal of influences, with experience in genres like gospel, funk, and world music. In the Drug Rug sound, you hear the focused and cohesive energy of a band that knows what they want to be.

Recent activities of The Drug Rugs include
 winning silver in the Coast’s Best of Halifax for New Artist/Band, opening for Juno-winners Said The Whale at Groundswell's Into The Night Festival, and are confirmed to play Evolve Festival in Moncton this summer. 

The Drug Rugs are:

Laura Kempton

Emma LeBlanc

Marcus Tracey

Spencer McPhee


Photographer: Philip Brown

Festival: Aftermath, 2017

A Live Video of Little Ol' Us...